The Spray Can Filler Machine Is Designed to Produce Aerosol Products in a Manufacturing Line

spray can filler machine

The Spray Can Filler Machine Is Designed to Produce Aerosol Products in a Manufacturing Line

The spray can filler machine is designed to produce aerosol products in a manufacturing line. It combines can feeding, product filling, valve placing, crimping and propellant filling into one unit.

This setup consists of a rotary cans accumulating table, liquid filling machine, gas filling station, crimping machine and automatic weight checker. It also includes a water bath, ink printing and labeling system.

Automatic Feeding System

Automatic feeding systems are automated machines that provide a consistent flow of parts into production lines. They sort parts at a specific rate per minute and place them in a specified orientation. They’re available spray can filler machine in a wide variety of configurations and can be customized to meet your specific application. Automatic feeding systems can sort coils, fasteners, medical device components, and electronic parts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed growth of the global feeding systems market, but the industry is expected to rebound as economies recover. The technology is popular among dairy cow growers, who want to save labor costs and improve milk productivity.

A feeding system offers a number of operating cost efficiencies, including reduced diesel fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs. These savings often offset the initial investment in a new system within five years. These efficiencies can vary depending on the farm’s current situation, but generally include a reduction in labor cost and feed waste. The system can also improve herd performance and milk productivity. These factors have led to a strong demand for advanced smart farming technologies.

Liquid Filling

When you are packaging liquids, you need a machine that can fill each bottle with the right amount of product. Different factors determine which type of liquid filler you need to buy, including the rate you want to produce, the viscosity of your product, and the container type.

The shape of the containers you’re filling will also influence which machine you choose. Plastic, aluminum, and glass containers all have unique properties that require specific types of equipment to ensure uniform volume. For example, taller or shorter bottles will have a larger opening that will need to be accommodated with the equipment you use.

Digital liquid fillers are a popular choice in the current market because of their user-friendly operative interface. These machines provide easy access to all the important functions like indexing the diving nozzle and system control. They also work on a stable electricity supply and sometimes automatically adjust themselves with low power supply under certain scenarios. The pumps used in these machines are powered by gears and count the number of revolutions to determine the desired fill volume. These systems are not as accurate as pistons but are quick and cost-effective for high-volume production.

Vacuum Filling

Vacuum fillers are the most commonly used spray can filler machine type of liquid bottle filling machine. They produce visually appealing and consistent fill levels for a variety of container sizes, shapes and volumes. They are used to dispense a variety of products including beer, wine and soda. They use an evacuated nozzle system that creates lower-than-atmospheric pressure and a vacuum to draw liquid into the bottle.

Various feed systems are available for this type of bottle filling machine. These include vane cell feed systems, screw feed augers and toothed wheel feed systems. All these systems are mechanically driven and utilize vertical «vacuum suction» to transport the media from the hopper into the evacuation cell.

The evacuated nozzles in the vacuum filler machines can be configured with different nozzle opening dimensions to fit various bottle diameters and heights. The can positioning mechanism is also adjustable to match varying can sizes. The machine features Germany igus anti-corrosion non-maintenance sliding bearing and is surrounded by a stainless steel frame. It also includes a group of photoelectric switches settled on the cap-falling guide to detect bottle inlet and prevent reverse cap passing.


Crimping is a process that creates a gas-tight connection between two metal pieces. It is used for connections that must be durable in harsh environments, such as cable. Unlike soldering, crimping produces long-lasting and high-performing connections. It can also be performed at lower temperatures. Crimping is also useful for securing cylindrical parts like water pumps, bearings, and air bag canisters. However, it is important to note that a good crimp is not always possible with all assembly processes.

In some applications, the crimp connector is placed inside a heat-shrinking sleeve and then positioned over the terminal end. This helps to ensure that the crimp is seated properly. In addition, it can help to prevent any potential leaks.

A good crimp is a key factor in ensuring a quality product. For this reason, you should choose a machine that has a certified crimping system to guarantee your product’s quality and safety.

Weight Checking

A pneumatic aerosol can filling machine is a great way to produce and sell paints, especially if you have a large number of potential customers in your area. EZ Aerosol can filling systems convert paints and finishes into spray cans quickly, easily and economically for appliance repair shops, car dealerships and other businesses that need touch-up or exact-match colors.

These systems can also be used with a check weigher to improve the quality of the product. The check weigher can detect the presence of unsuitable aerosol propellants, such as those containing trace benzene, and alert the operator to the problem.

With a pneumatic piston-type filling machine, the liquid, seal and propellant can be filled on one worktable. This saves time and labor costs, and increases production efficiency. It also reduces waste and allows for better control of the filling process. These machines are available in a variety of sizes to fit different can heights and diameters. They are also designed to be easy to clean. The machine’s hopper is able to be adjusted up and down to accommodate different can heights.

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