The Motorola R7 Series Walkie Talkie

motorola r7

The Motorola R7 Series Walkie Talkie

The R7 is the next generation digital two-way radio from Motorola Solutions. It has advanced audio features and a slim, rugged design that connects teams in loud, rough and dynamic environments.

The R7 is built into the MotoTRBO technology ecosystem so you can keep teams aware and streamline critical communications. Receive automatic notifications from video security and access control systems, sensors and more — directly on your device.

Rugged Design

The Motorola R7 series of portable two-way radios features next-level audio capabilities in a durable, future-ready device. It’s designed to connect your team in loud, rough and dynamic environments – with powerful noise cancelling, crisp clarity and high-output speakers. With advanced communication abilities and a sleek design, this walkie talkie will improve overall productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

The radio offers a full Android interface, giving you access to the Google Play Store and the apps that you use. It also has a customizable home screen, which lets you create custom shortcuts to your most frequently used apps and functions. It’s also equipped with a dual microphone for crystal-clear audio that outperforms smartphones, especially in noisy environments.

In addition to its Android functionality, the Motorola R7 is equipped with a large display, which makes it easy for teams to communicate with one another and get critical information at-a-glance. It’s also intrinsically safe, which means it can be used in hazardous environments without the risk of fire or explosion.

The Motorola R7 is durable enough to handle any job site, including manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, education and hospitality. It’s even survived Motorola’s rigorous Accelerated Life Test program, which simulates five years of hard service. And it’s IP68 and IP66 rated, meaning it’s dust-tight and can withstand water immersion or direct impact from pressurized sprays of water.

Game-Changing Audio

The Motorola R7 digital two-way radio delivers game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device. Exceptional noise cancelling, loudness and voice clarity ensure you’ll never miss a call or misunderstand an instruction – no matter what the environment throws at you. The R7’s configurable audio, designed for your unique work environments, helps you meet the demands of any job.

Whether you’re working with heavy machinery, a roaring motorola r7 stadium at full capacity or a noisy warehouse, MOTOTRBO R7 lets you hear and be heard the first time. Adaptive Dual Microphone Noise Suppression helps filter out background noise and automatically cancels the feedback from other nearby radios, so you can communicate clearly even in densely packed areas. And Intelligent Audio monitors the ambient noise around you and adjusts speaker volume so that calls come through at the perfect level.

A powerful TDMA DMR digital radio with the latest audio processing technology, the Motorola R7 offers increased capacity and improved clarity over analog devices. It operates on a 12.5 kHz channel with high-fidelity voice communication and data applications, providing the features you need to support your mission-critical operations.

The Motorola R7 smart radio connects your mobile team with the apps they use every day. It features a powerful Android platform with the IMPRES apps your team depends on for work ticketing, barcode scanning and more motorola r7 — all of which are easily customizable to your business.

Safety Reimagined

Motorola Solutions reimagined the digital portable two-way radio with the R7 series. The device has been built with the safety of your team in mind and features multiple ways to keep your staff safe and connected.

This walkie-talkie features improved audio capabilities that allow you to hear communications even in noisy environments. This helps your team stay in touch even when the work gets busy. This is especially beneficial for commercial industries like healthcare, hospitality and construction.

In addition, the device has a robust design that can withstand tough working conditions. The R7 has been tested to ensure that it meets military standards. It also comes with a redesigned accessory port that adds durability and makes it easier to use your device.

The R7 also has the ability to connect with a wide range of sensors over DMR and Bluetooth. This allows plant operators and security personnel to receive notifications on their devices when unauthorized access has been attempted or doors have been propped open.

The R7 is also compatible with the latest IMPRES accessories that are designed to make your communication system even more powerful and intuitive. You can easily connect to a headset, speaker microphone and more. This helps your team communicate better and stay more efficient. Moreover, the device has been designed to be waterproof and is capable of withstanding water immersion up to two meters for up to two hours.


The Motorola R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers game-changing audio capabilities in a rugged, future-ready device. Advanced audio processing ensures your voice is always understood, while a rugged design is ready for the harshest environments. And advanced connectivity options get your team ready for whatever the future holds.

This digital walkie talkie features a range of different channels for you to communicate with your team members. This is particularly useful if you need to contact multiple teams at once or if your work requires you to speak with other departments. The Motorola R7 also has a number of different apps that you can use to improve the efficiency of your operations, from emergency alerts to location services for your field staff.

Rounding out the impressive list of features on this mobile two-way radio is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 28 hours of talk time. The radio also has a superior receiver sensitivity that allows you to send and receive communications at the edge of coverage where other devices may struggle.

The Motorola R7 also has modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity to let you stay connected now and as your systems change in the future. Plus it has a large colour screen to easily view the information you need on the go.

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