The ECE R149 LED Light Bar Improves Visibility and Safety for Off-Road Vehicles

The ECE R149 LED Light Bar Improves Visibility and Safety for Off-Road Vehicles

Adding an LED light bar to your vehicle can improve its visibility and safety. It can help you spot potential road hazards and respond to them quicker.

Before you buy and install an LED light bar, check your local laws. Some municipalities have strict rules on size, color, candlepower, and mount.

High Beam

The ece r149 led light bar features a powerful high beam that projects a bright white glow up to 480 meters to let you see the road ahead of you with confidence. This long-range visibility lets you react faster to hazards and make driving a pleasure. The drivable high beam also reduces glare to keep you and other drivers safe. In addition, this light bar has a position light and a warning strobe function for added functionality.

The 46 series LED light bar has 3 beam patterns optional, auxiliary high beam SAEJ581, auxiliary fog light SAEJ583 and a combination of auxiliary driving and fog light + warning strobe SAEJ845. There are 304# stainless steel side mounting and bottom mounting brackets available for easier installation. The CREE XML LED chips provide excellent performance and durability.

The UD7050L projector-facing auxiliary light uses a stylish, curved design to help you create a unique look for your vehicle. The directional light uses a unique reflector that focuses the output of the LEDs, giving you a powerful light that’s suitable for on and off-road use. It also meets ECE-R149 standards and is road-legal. A de-icing feature dispatches any buildup of snow or ice that may impair the light pattern and reduce your visibility. The LEDs are also waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Low Beam

The ece r149 led light bar is the perfect choice for off-road vehicles and ece r149 led light bar work applications. It is available in a variety of colors and features an easy-to-install mounting bracket. The 304# stainless steel construction is sturdy enough for any off-road application, and the half convex optics is designed to provide the best possible beam pattern and lighting performance. Its CREE XML LED chips are high-end auto automotive grade modular and last much longer than standard bulbs.

This 46 series street-legal LED work light is compliant with ECE R149 and SAE standards and can be used on the road as well as off-road. Its reflector-facing LED design allows it to focus the light output more precisely and efficiently than conventional headlights. It is also backed by a three-year function warranty.

Featuring a stylish white beam of intense LED lights, this double row led light bar illuminates the road up to 427 meters ahead, helping you spot hazards and react faster. The combination of a spotlight and flood light helps you see both far and wide, and the cool color of 6500 Kelvin keeps your eyes strain-free for optimal driving comfort.

This 20 inch LED light bar is ECE R149 approved and provides a powerful high-beam, fog light, and strobe feature. It also has an indicator and a hazard warning light. It is an ideal choice for heavier vehicles such as plow trucks, tractors, loaders, and other equipment machinery.

Fog Light

If you want to get the most out of your off-road auxiliary LED light bar, you should choose one that has a built-in fog light. This will provide additional light when you need it most, allowing you to see the road ahead of you even in low-light conditions. The light will also be more visible to other drivers, making it a safer choice for off-road driving.

Designed to meet ECE R148 regulations, these lights will work well with your vehicle’s ece r149 led light bar headlights. They have a powerful 13500 lumen output, and come with a mount that is easy to install. You can also choose between white and amber LEDs to match your style. These lights are ideal for off-road vehicles, and they can be used as both a working lamp and a position light.

These lights are also tested to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations, so you can be sure that they will work well with your vehicle. The mounting brackets are made of stainless steel, and they can withstand snow and salt. The CREE LEDs are high-grade and durable, and the light bars will last for years to come.

The ECE R 148 test is one of the most important tests for the safety and reliability of your vehicle. The test is conducted by a certified laboratory, and it can be carried out in less than an hour. You can find more information about the test by visiting UNECE’s website.

Strobe Light

This ECE R149 approved light bar will make sure you can spot any hazards on the road. The stylish white LED light projects a powerful beam over 427 meters to give you ample vision for faster reactions. It also includes a combined flood and spot light, so you can see the roadside hazards as well. It has a cool light color of 6500K to help you stay focussed and avoid eye strain.

The strobe feature of this ECE R149 approved light bar comes loaded with 8 emergency strobing patterns that alert oncoming traffic of an accident or work area. The strobe function can be activated by the key FOB remote control and the display screen will let you select the appropriate mode. The light bar can strobe left to right, or in a quick flash or a slow flash depending on your needs.

This high-performance auxiliary light is ideal for off-road vehicles, such as plows, rescue vehicles, fire trucks, and military command vehicles. It has an off-road boost mode that increases output to 5300 lumens, and extends the beam length to 520 meters. It also reduces glare to help keep other drivers safe.

The ECE-R149 rated light bars are sealed to protect against water, heat, and harsh conditions. They are also highly durable and can withstand any impact. They are also easy to install, and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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