Motorola DM4601e Mobile Two Way Radio

motorola dm4601e

Motorola DM4601e Mobile Two Way Radio

The Motorola DM4601e is a digital mobile two-way radio that features a robust, rugged design. It’s built to withstand harsh environments and comes with an extensive list of features that help you communicate more effectively and boost productivity on the job.

The Motorola DM4601e features a powerful UHF radio frequency, enabling improved coverage in large areas and cluttered spaces. It also offers a wide range of advanced features that make it more efficient to operate.

Exceptional Audio Clarity

Motorola’s DM4000e Series of mobile radios offer the quality that professionals demand and the added benefits of digital technology. Exceptional audio clarity, Bluetooth integration and built in Wi-Fi connectivity allow your team to work smarter and stay connected no matter where they are. Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts the volume of your radio according to background noise, ensuring you can hear clearly whilst driving but also be heard loud and clear when the engine is turned off.

In addition, the Motorola Solutions DM4601E Mototrbo UHF two-way radio features GPS capabilities, programmable buttons, basic and enhanced call signaling and basic and enhanced privacy scrambling. This radio is popular with public safety organisations, logistics and transportation businesses, manufacturing and telecommunication companies.

The DM4601E is part of the MOTOTRBO DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) two-way radio portfolio that offers a wide choice of devices designed to work together seamlessly, delivering advanced features to maximize productivity and enhance safety. The DM4601E is versatile and easy to use, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.

To get the most out of your DM4601e radio, Motorola motorola dm4601e Solutions has developed a range of tested and approved accessories. They’re the only ones designed, built and tested to optimise your radio’s performance. Whether you need headsets, microphones, batteries or chargers, the MOTOTRBO accessories are the best-in-class and ready to work right out of the box.

Dashboard Comms

From the delivery driver crisscrossing the city to the sanitation crew clearing streets, workers need the ability to stay in touch at all times. Motorola Solutions DM4601e mobile two-way radios empower your people with high-class voice and data communication, text messaging and integrated Bluetooth audio and GPS. And because it uses digital technology, you get twice the calling capacity, better battery life and a more reliable system – anywhere your people go.

This radio can operate in three modes to suit your needs: Conventional mode for basic user-to-user communication; IP Site Connect mode for larger operations, such as a business network; and Capacity Plus mode to connect multiple sites within one network. Enhanced call signalling and noise suppression help you to hear calls clearly, even in noisy environments, while the Motorola-unique transmit interrupt suite prioritises critical communications so they’re heard first.

With programmable button features appearing on the display for easy viewing and access, the DM4601e provides maximum efficiency without distraction. And for situations when you can’t view the screen, an audible customisable voice announcement lets you receive confirmation of channel and zone changes or programmable button features, so you don’t need to take your hands off the wheel.

Unboxing your Motorola DM4601E Mototrbo VHF radio system will be an exciting experience as you open the door to a world of system capabilities and features. You’ll need to use the supplied programming software and programming cable to set up your radio with the desired frequencies, talkgroups and settings. Once it’s been programmed, your new radio will be ready to use!

Bluetooth & GPS

The Motorola DM4600e mobile two way radio is a full-size vehicle DMR two-way radio offering motorola dm4601e voice and data communication. The radio has been designed to provide easy migration with operational capability in both digital and analog mode, a single-site trunking solution and the ability to integrate with MOTOTRBO apps. The Motorola DM4600e has a large selection of accessories available to enhance functionality and user comfort including earpieces, headsets, microphones and base stands.

The DM4600e is an ideal option for organisations looking to streamline their operations and improve efficiency by utilising a full range of MOTOTRBO features. These include text messaging, Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcements that keep your team informed and updated.

MOTOTRBO is a family of digital wireless two-way radios that provides you with the tools you need to stay safe and connected as your business grows. Whether your organisation is transforming its street crew or managing a fleet of busses, MOTOTRBO can help keep your teams engaged, productive and connected.

Pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to your radio using the programmed Bluetooth Connect button on your radio and your device’s Bluetooth-enabled pairing code (refer to your device’s user manual for instructions). Once paired, the status indicator shows Device> Connected. The display also shows the name of the device and a battery icon. Your radio connects to the device that has the strongest signal or to one that it has connected to in a prior session.

Easy to Operate

The Motorola DM4601e is an ETSI DMR compliant mobile digital radio that offers crystal clear digital audio, WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth integration. It features Intelligent Audio which automatically boosts and reduces the volume of incoming calls based on noise levels in your environment. It also allows you to send pre-programmed text messages, and has a customizable voice announcement for status notifications.

This series of radios is part of the MOTOTRBO range, the world’s most popular digital two-way radio system that helps to keep your teams connected. MOTOTRBO is a flexible solution that can provide a mix of digital and analogue technology, and most models work in both modes simultaneously. This makes it easy to transition to digital at your own pace, and ensure that your business is fully integrated as it grows.

These radios are designed to be durable, and have been proven to withstand the rigours of harsh environments. They are rated IP54 for splashproof and dustproof protection, and they have been subjected to Motorola’s grueling Accelerated Life Testing Program. These tests simulate five years of harsh use, helping to ensure that your radios will continue to operate reliably when it’s needed most. When evaluating communication solutions for your business, consider how important durability and reliability are to your team’s safety and productivity. The Motorola DM4601e is an excellent option for your business, offering exceptional reliability at a reasonable price point.

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