Custom Illuminated Signs

custom illuminated signs

Custom Illuminated Signs

Custom illuminated signs are powerful visual marketing investments that can help brick-and-mortar businesses beat competitors. They can also drive foot traffic and boost brand recognition.

Gorgeous lighted signs are striking and can instantly grab attention. They also create a unique ambiance that customers will want to share on social media.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a retro-chic way to captivate customers and draw attention to your business. They can be used to display custom illuminated signs your name or as a motivational message, like “Wake Up!” or “Let’s Do This.” They are great for hanging in entranceways to welcome customers and encourage them to get on with their day.

The soft lead glass tubes that make up neon signs are heated, bent and twisted by hand and then filled with various gases to achieve different colors. Pure argon is most common, although krypton and xenon are occasionally used. When a sign manufacturer wants to create blue colors, mercury is often added.

Traditional neon signs are fragile and can easily break. They also produce a buzzing noise and are hot to the touch. LED neon, on the other hand, is kid-safe, emits only mild warmth and can be made shock-proof. It uses about ten times less power than traditional neon for a similar lighting effect.

If you are a DIY-er, you can make your own illuminated sign using a rigid board, plastic tubing, RGB LED strip and a drill. Just be sure to use a small diameter drill so that you don’t overdrill the tube. You’ll need to create a space on the back of your board where you can pull the wires through.

LED Signs

If you’re looking for a bright and eye-catching sign that will be effective both day and night, LED signs are the answer. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including in store windows, outdoor boards, and indoor message displays. You can even find them in public areas such as train stations and airports.

You’ll notice that LED lights come in different color options, which is a good thing because you’ll need to choose the right one depending on your needs. A LED display will usually consist of red, green, and blue diodes, which create the different colors that are shown on the sign. The distance between the centers of each diode is what determines the sign’s resolution, and is known as the «matrix.»

Programmable LED signs are great for businesses because you can change their content whenever you want. They’re perfect for promoting your specials, discounts, and deals, as well as for sharing information about your business. You can also use them to communicate with employees and customers, such as communicating an event or sending out safety reminders.

A car dealership, for example, could use a programmable LED sign to advertise the best selling cars and to show the monthly profit margins. This way, they can make sure that the LED sign pays for itself in no time at all, which is a big advantage over other types of advertising such as radio or TV ads.

Halo-Lit Signs

Using the same lighting as front lit channel letter signs, but from the back of the sign, halo-lit signs are popular because they create a glowing appearance. They look stunning when they are used in the right setting, as long as other overpowering sources of light are not present.

This type of sign works best when mounted on a flat wall and with a color that contrasts the wall for maximum effect. Some people have issues with halo-lit signs looking dim, but this can be corrected by adding an additional illumination bed or painting the face and returns of the sign. The signs should be properly maintained and regularly replaced with new LED modules as they wear out.

A fabricated aluminum sign, the face and returns of a halo-lit sign can be painted to match any branding colors to create a completely unique look. This style of sign is great for custom illuminated signs a business that wants to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

This sign is built with a clear acrylic face that is illuminated from the inside by rear facing LEDs. The halo on the sign reflects off the mounting surface and can be any color you want to fit your branding. It is also more durable than other types of illuminated signage because it is not susceptible to water or air damage.

Channel Letter Signs

Unlike flat lettering, channel letters are three-dimensional and extrude out of a sign base. The signs are fabricated from aluminum and can be customized with virtually any font or length of text. They’re often lit by LED modules or neon tubing. The face of the sign can be transparent, or a “black and white” design that appears black during the day and white at night.

When you invest in custom illuminated signage, you’re telling your customers that you are confident and proud of what you offer. This message is reflected by the quality of your sign, which can make or break how people perceive your company. If your sign is broken or not well maintained, it sends the impression that your business is sloppy and disorganized.

Channel letter signs come in a variety of sizes, and they can be mounted flush or on a raceway. A flush mount positions the sign tightly against the sign or underlying surface, while raceway mounting places the sign on a metal rectangular structure that may contain wiring and other components. This type of signage is often used for business locations like restaurants, bars, hair salons, and SPAs, as well as organizations like law firms and schools. They’re also popular in shopping malls and other commercial centers.