Buying a Spray Can Filler Machine

Buying a Spray Can Filler Machine

You should be very careful when buying an aerosol spray paint machine. Make sure you read reviews from past buyers and avoid sellers who do not provide quality certifications.

This machine has a large glass balls storage hopper at the top, a sensor for can feed in and feed out. It stars and stops can feeding automatically to save labor cost and improve efficiency.

Pneumatic Type

When you are buying an aerosol filler machine, make sure that it has a certified crimping system. This will ensure that there is no gas leakage and that the product will work properly. Also, it will help you reduce the cost of the machinery. If you are planning to buy a semi automatic aerosol crimping and propellant filler machine, look for one that can produce a good number of cans at a time.

Pneumatic spray paint can filling machines are available at affordable prices. These are ideal for appliance repair shops, body shops, automotive detailers and small plant maintenance departments. They are easy to use and provide precise color spray can filler machine matching. You can choose from a wide variety of colors to fit your needs.

The pneumatic spray can filler is also perfect for refinishing and painting of furniture and automobiles. It is simple and economical to operate, and it is suitable for use in most spray paint cans, including solvent- and water-borne based paints.

The pneumatic can filler can be used for a variety of applications, such as spraying mousses, air purifying agent pesticide disinfection, shaving foam, perfumed aerosol spray, pharmaceutical aerosols and anti-mosquito aerosols. It is designed to be used for both small and large production lines, and can work at a high speed. The pneumatic spray can filler can be adjusted to meet the needs of your company.

Hydraulic Type

The hydraulic type custom spray paint filler machine uses a pump that’s driven by an air compressor to provide power. It also uses a piston that pushes the product into the can. It is ideal for automotive repair shops and color paint stores. The patented injection method enables you to control the amount of paint to fill while avoiding labor-intensive cleanup. It’s also highly reliable and won’t fatigue like o-rings and washers.

This machine has a stainless steel frame and a PLC control. It has 3 sealing & gas filling heads to ensure cans are properly sealed and filled. Each head is equipped with a pressure sensor to make sure the cans are crimped and gassed at a pre-set pressure. It can effectively manufacture bag on valve aerosol products such as household cleaners, hair sprays and car care products.

This machine has a main conveyor belt that connects all functional machines such as cans arranging, gas filling and crimping machines, water baths, and actuator machines. It can continuously pass the cans to each of these machines at a specified speed. It can also be stopped and started when required to allow manual operation. The machine comes with a crimp diameter and crimp height gauges to enable accurate sizing of the aerosol cans. The machine can also be fitted with a pneumatic bleed orifice and vent valve.

Mechanical Type

A mechanical type of aerosol can filler machine is pneumatically controlled and uses compressed air to drive the cylinder piston. It can be adjusted to accommodate different can diameters and heights, allowing the operator to adjust the output capacity. It is also equipped with a hopper for continuous production, which reduces downtime and improves efficiency.

Manufacturers of aerosol spray equipment provide standard and customized solutions to meet customer specifications. They also offer services like turnkey systems integration, machinery retrofit and reconditioning, testing and on-site installation and training. These manufacturers also offer a wide range of accessories, including nozzles, valves, hoses and cans. They are also capable of designing and implementing explosion proof machines to ensure safety in high-risk environments.

Another important factor in selecting the right aerosol can filling machine is to determine how many cans you want to produce per day. For smaller volumes, a manual or semi-automatic machine might be adequate. However, for larger quantities, it’s best to consider an automatic aerosol can filling machine.

Purchasing a machine from a reputable manufacturer can help you avoid expensive middlemen. Manufacturers often offer better prices than their trading counterparts, as they don’t need to pay for extra personnel or storage space. Moreover, they have a large inventory that makes it easy for them to fulfill your order quickly.


There are several customization options for your spray can filler machine. For example, you can customize the piston running stroke to alter the filling measurement and adjust the nozzle height. You can also choose a hopper that is designed to hold a large amount of paint, improving production efficiency.

A gas booster pump can be included in your spray can filler machine to ensure that the aerosol spray has high-quality, stable pressure. It can also reduce the amount of gas that is lost as a result of friction. In addition, a pneumatically-controlled actuator can be installed to control the timing of the spraying process.

Another feature that can be customized is a vacuum head that is used to suck the air out of the can before spray can filler machine the sealing and gas filling process. This can improve the purity of the gas and prevent the formation of sulphur compounds. The machine can also be fitted with a crimping head, which can seal the valve to the can immediately after vacuumizing.

If you want to get the best possible price for your machine, it is recommended that you purchase a fully-automated aerosol can filling plant from a manufacturer rather than a trading company. Traders typically add extra costs, such as insurance, transport equipment, and storage space, into the price of their products.

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